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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Serenity And Spirit ~ NLP

NLP is simple and very effective for long lasting change!

Neuro – Relates to the brain and the things that go on in your mind including the 5 senses.

Linguistic – Relates to language spoken and non-spoken i.e. body language.

Programming – Relates to your behaviour and how you think/process information.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP) began as a model of how we communicate to ourselves and others and was developed by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder.
You are unique in the way you experience the world and process information. Your brain uses the five senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting (your representational systems) to take in some information and leave out the rest – this is how you make sense of the world.

What you see/hear is what you think about
What you think about is what you feel.
What you feel influences your reactions.
Reactions become habits

Coaching using NLP CAN change the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that generate negative behaviours and habits e.g.

  • Eliminating fears and phobias – anything from fear of spiders/heights/snakes to driving on the motorway
  • Building confidence e.g. for presentations, dealing with people/situations
  • Helping you work out the best option when you are weighing up several choices
  • Helping you explore an area of your life & form answers you are maybe struggling with just now
  • Helping you explore a relationship you have that is giving you concern, worry, challenge to let you see it from a completely different perspective
  • Help you change how you feel about something e.g. certain foods, alcohol.
  • Help you anchor certain feelings e.g. confidence before you go and present something or remove anchors that make you unhappy e.g. a song that makes you really sad

Let NLP help release your inner potential.

Different things work for different people and sometimes it is a case of trying various techniques until we find something that works. Many NLP Techniques can be done content free i.e. you do not have to voice your thoughts.

NLP can help with so many things like: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Low Self Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Negative Thoughts, Pain Management, Panic Attacks, Traumas, Relationships, Obsession, Separation Anxiety, Grief, Motivation, Phobias, Addictions, Self Development, Shyness, Stress, Weight Loss, Blushing, Exam Nerves, Fear of Flying, Insomnia, Public Speaking, Stopping Smoking, Alcohol Related problems, Sports Performance, Eating Disorders, Inhibitions, Stuttering, Nail Biting,

My coaching sessions can help people identify and achieve what they want in their lives or move forward in areas where they feel stuck.