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Serenity And Spirit Testimonials

Sammy – KCR – West Lothian  

Just had the most wonderful treatment with Shirley. KCR has left my body feeling the way it should, relaxed and comfortable. I’ll definitely be back x

NLP/IEMT/Hypnotherapy & OldPain2Go

Gail – West Lothian

I was feeling rather lost in life and decided to reach out for help. I found Shirley’s number and gave her a call. Immediately I knew Shirley was a beautiful, kind, caring soul who eased my confusion and helped me understand what was going on in my life. I booked Reiki and an Indian Head Massage. Shirley was very kind and professional…as I instantly felt a sense of calmness when she opened the door. She also took time to listen to me and help with any concerns I had and pointed me in the right direction. I had a dentist appointment that day to have a tooth removed and was so surprised that I didn’t need any painkillers. I could still feel the beautiful, healing energy days after receiving my treatment.

Thank you Shirley for all you have done for me. xxx

Chantelle – West Lothian

Shirley has worked her magic once again. I cannot recommend her enough.

Stevie – Winchburgh

Had a trapped nerve in my left shoulder and all the way down my left arm into my fingers for 4/5 weeks and pain was horrendous, so after dabbling with amatriptaline tabs from Doc and getting physio and exercises from my physio with very little relief, I decided to got for Reiki and KCR from Shirley. I kid you not, that within 24 hours the pain had almost disappeared and every day since it is almost away and I can’t thank Shirley enough. I’ll definitely be back soon. Highly recommended.

Emma – Livingston

Shirley Sharp is such an amazing therapist with such a range of treatments for men and women whether it’s for some self tlc or if anyone needs that extra support in life to get you back to being you xx

Margaret – Edinburgh

Thank you so much for the session yesterday. I’m feeling good and definitely more positive. So appreciate you talking me through techniques and making me feel so much better in myself. I don’t feel so stuck in a rut. Massive thanks for all the information you’ve sent me. I’ll definitely be trying everything.

Karen – Bathgate

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me with my anxiety for the wedding. All those tools and techniques made a massive difference and I had such an amazing, happy day without a single nerve in sight! I am so truly grateful and couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

Samantha – East Calder

For what felt like the longest 9 months of my life after losing my Dad, I had the worst nightmares every single night. With broken sleep I was crashing at all aspects of my life. I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, until I met Shirley and what an impact she has had. The coping strategies she taught me and the knowledge she shared…..I couldn’t thank her enough. I now see a light at the end of the tunnel and I am so glad I took the steps to seek help. I can’t recommend Shirley enough, she is literally my life saver and my safe space! Her passion and her kindness during and after sessions is above and beyond. I am extremely grateful to have Shirley in my life. 5 stars….


Tracey – Edinburgh

Shirley has been a wonderful help to me and my daughter and I would highly recommend. Not only does she use techniques that are extremely useful, she shares her own experience and explains how techniques have helped her which I always find great. Shirley is so caring and non-judgemental and there does not appear to be any issue that she is “stumped” with – always has some suggestion that will help, support and alleviate fears/traumas and negativity.
Even if you don’t have a specific issue that you need help with, Shirley is a great listening ear and is great at identifying underlying worries which gives you techniques to deal with to stop them becoming an “issue”.
My daughter had reiki and an Indian Head massage and it felt like “heaven” and is looking forward to more sessions to help support some underlying worries and health concerns.
What a toolbox of tricks she has to help deal with life on life’s terms and give you a much clearer, positive outlook on life. I am so glad that I was introduced to her and she is now going to be an integral part of my life, not only when trauma occurs but to maintain mental well-being.
If you are doubting whether this will change my life – don’t take my word for it – try it – you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Shirley


Sarah – Edinburgh

Before visiting Shirley I wouldn’t even be able to walk into a surgery/hospital without passing out but with Shirley’s help, I am now slowly overcoming my fear. Its all down to Shirley and her fantastic therapy sessions. I would highly recommend!!! Thank you Shirley x


Jennifer – Edinburgh

Thanks so much for today Shirley. It was a really lovely session with a really personal touch. I felt great after leaving. All of the tips and information you gave me will come in really handy and I am really open to incorporating them into my day. Gratitude Journal started and looking forward to starting my vision board at the weekend. x


Lynette – Bathgate

Shirley has helped me for years with my depression and anxiety, but as of recently, I had been struggling really badly with my OCD, making my anxiety very bad. Shirley has given me new techniques to use to help me change the way my mind works and to stop my OCD controlling my life. Shirley has taught me how to speak to my unconscious mind and this has helped me massively. I have cut down all my OCD tendencies at night. My routine to bed is so much shorter. I have a way to go I know, but Shirley has really helped me and I feel so much better and positive that I can remove my OCD problems from my life forever.


Kirsty – West Lothian

 I had a great Reiki treatment and was taught some amazing coping strategies with Shirley this week. She is very knowledgeable, kind, talented and cares so much. Her warm personality made it such a lovely session. I feel like I have a path to start moving forward now which will help me develop into the person I want to be. I cannot recommend Shirley highly enough. Thank you lovely lady. I appreciate you so much. I will be back again soon.


Cora – IHM – West Lothian

Finally got to use my Indian Head Massage voucher that I got as a gift. I had heard a lot about Shirley from my Mum and I can say what a lovely lady she is! This was my first IHM and it was such a relaxing experience. Shirley also took the time after to talk about different ways of coping with stress/anxiety. Would highly recommend this lovely lady…thank you.


Joan – KCR – Boness

My body feels so much lighter. Can’t explain it but it does and no pains in my legs this afternoon. I am sitting comfortably in a chair for the first time in 5 months. Oh what a joy. xxx


Anonymous – Glasgow

I am now actually feeling full of focus and purpose! I feel lucky and blessed to have your support! Thank you for always being there x



I’m actually fantastic and really positive. You have no idea how you helped me let go. I actually love you to bits for how you have helped.x


Kirsty – Dunfermline

I would highly recommend Shirley. After a recent virtual session I left feeling calmer and more in control of my thoughts and feelings. Shirley has many techniques and tips that she uses so will always find something to suit you. I feel as though a weight has been lifted.


Carol – Edinburgh

Shirley’s programme of OldFat2Go is remarkable and life changing. Learning to use your unconscious mind to change your conscious thinking to make different eating choices is amazing and everyone can do it. Shirley walks everyone through the process with amazing examples. I could not recommend this programme enough.


Stacey – Edinburgh

Having lived with a chronic illness for 15 years, including increasing joint pain, which in the last year has become almost unbearable, I was absolutely open to working with Shirley on pain reduction techniques. 2 sessions on zoom later and I cannot believe it. My pain has gone from 9/10 to 1/10. I never dreamt that I would feel such a drastic change in such a short space of time! I cannot recommend or thank Shirley highly enough for the work she did with me. Its the best I’ve felt in several years.

Denise – Edinburgh

I have been working with Shirley for a few months now and she has helped me more than I could ever have imagined. She’s helped me cope with various things that were holding me back in life using different treatments/techniques. Shirley is extremely easy to talk to, warm and understanding. I will be forever grateful for all the help and support Shirley continues to give me. I am extremely grateful to have Shirley in my life and would recommend her to anyone. Shirley, I’ve called the little Angel you gave me after you. Thank you for everything xxx

Sharin – Edinburgh

So as we know my shoulder has been buggered. They had said at the hospital 2-3 injections. That was never gonna sit with me and thankfully, Shirley knew that wasn’t sitting with me. I got my first injection and then mosied on to Serenity And Spirits cosy safe haven, where Shirley performed Reiki and Reflexology on moi. I almost have full movement back, to the point where the physio was astounded because of how bad it was. Defo no second injection and I’m working the strength back up in it. Thank you so much Shirley.

As a side note, Shirley has also helped me with anxiety and resilience. I honestly cant thank her enough. As another friend of mines calls her, she is a wee earth angel…mind you so is that one.

Karen – Edinburgh

Shirley’s help, support and guidance to help with anxiety and self esteem has been phenomenal! Each of the exercises are so easy to follow and practice and doing them each day has made a massive difference and boosted my confidence hugely.

Deb – Lincolnshire

Had a session via facetime with this wonderful Lady and it was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. Shirley wanted to hit my problem head on and she worked on it that first session. She’s gentle and funny and very supportive and the help she gave me was invaluable. Its made a huge difference to me which in turn makes a huge difference to my family and my life. In fact, Shirley is still even checking up on me. Thank you Shirley.

Karen – Bathgate

You have really helped me and made a massive difference in my life. I recommend you cos you are amazing xx.


Megan – Kirkcaldy

I have been having a dilemma lately about some personal things. Shirley Sharp has been supporting me on and off with various things for past year or so now. I was talking to her about my current dilemma and she suggested when I go to sleep tonight to ask myself a very specific question and request the answer in song. She said when you wake up tomorrow the answer will be within the lyrics of the song you are humming in your head. First thing I hard in my head this morning was the lyrics ‘don’t blame it on the moonlit sky’. The song is called Sleeping Satellite by Yasmin Archer. I’ve not heard this song in years. Not even a song I like tbh……but the lyrics really did give me the answer. I recommend you try this. I was amazed how well it worked. xxx

Shirley Sharp, your healing abilities are amazing. Your advice is spot on too. Thank you xxx


Alex – Fife (OP2G)

I thought I’d give you an update on my hands. Last night I made cookies by hand, something I’ve not even attempted for a couple of years. They were fab and so were my hands. Even showering was pain free. Thank you so much. xx


Liz – Fife

I honestly can’t thank you enough. Shirley, in my eyes, you are a miracle worker. Would recommend you to anyone and everyone.


Naomi – Edinburgh

Shirley is exceptional. She took time to understand me. The real me who was hiding underneath the façade. And with that, she was able to get to the root of the issue and provided practical and actionable methods to manage my anxiety. I can honestly say that with only two sessions, I have found my anxiety reduce to almost zero and where I do struggle can put her teachings to good use.

I am so grateful to Shirley. Getting the recommendation to contact her was the starting point to feeling in control. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her myself.



You helped me out a lot at the start of this year (2019). You helped me find my strength and I still have lots to work on but I refuse to give up and I have you to thank for that. That Group (Workshop) helped me more than you could ever know. xxxxxxxx


Megan – West Lothian

Since seeing Shirley around a year ago my life has changed for the better. Last year I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career and was very down in general about most things! Shirley has helped me to open up more about what it was that was getting me down and how I could turn these things around. She gave me amazing coping techniques which I had never thought about which really helped relieve my stress and anxiousness. She helped me open up my mind and achieve what I wanted to by putting goals in place and becoming more positive. Since then I have managed to get a job in nursing, helping people everyday which is the most rewarding thing and makes me happy everyday. She has encouraged me to become a more open minded person and to have more confidence in myself to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. I couldn’t recommend Shirley anymore to anyone!!


Lynette – West Lothian

I am a vet nurse who has had a fear of birds for many years now at the point I would shake and cry when one was near me. Since seeing Shirley I have held row birds and a hen. I am extremely proud of myself and thankful for Shirley. Highly recommended.


Dave – Edinburgh

I have been to see Shirley twice and on both occasions it has been a very positive experience. Unlike some other similar people offering this sort of service, Shirley never seems rushed or clock watching.

My most recent visit was for the Indian Head Massage/Reiki. At the end I told Shirley I would happily have paid the money just for the relaxation I felt during the treatement (I fell asleep at least twice due to being so relaxed, when I turned up I was pretty stressed). The rest of that day and the next day I felt great, incredibly relaxed. I will definitely be back for the same treatment again.

I would highly recommend Shirley/Serenity And Spirit services. As said, you never feel rushed with no pressure or up selling.


Trisha – East Lothian

I was really ill and ended up having an anxiety/panic attack. It was so scary, I couldn’t breathe, felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I couldn’t get a breath.

I got my sheets out that you gave me and using the breathing technique plus the alphabet technique and the making a fist and releasing technique, really worked  – thank god – I honestly was near calling an ambulance I was so frightened, but the techniques really really helped.


Lorraine – Dunfermline

I have worked with Shirley a few times over the last couple of years and each time she has been brilliant. Shirley spends the time listening to what you ‘think’ is wrong. She will then tailor treatments around what will work better for you. We have worked on my stress levels, time management, weight and self esteem and each time I gained new skills to help me help myself. Shirley is very supportive and will only work with people she feels a connection to. Thoroughly recommend booking some time with her!


Mattie – West Lothian

This wonderful lady has helped me so much over the last few weeks. I was going through a pretty bad time. She has helped me gain my self esteem and self awareness back, taught me strategies to calm myself down when I get panicked. I still have some work to do but can now see a way forward. Thank you Shirley xx


Kerry, South Queensferry – KCR

Really beneficial hour of KCR with Shirley last week – feeling a difference in particular with balance and my (usually) dodgy hip. Thanks Shirley x


Jackie, West Lothian – KCR

I have joint and back pain, but after 1 Kinetic Chain Release treatment, I am pain free. Its been better than any physio I’ve had. Did an exercise class same day with no pain and more freedom of movement. Can’t believe how much better my body feels after just 1 session. First time in a long time I got out of bed today with no stiffness or aching back. Would absolutely recommend this treatment by Shirley for anyone with aches and pains!


Neale, West Lothian

After wasting holidays stressing the whole time knowing I had to get on a plane, I finally decided to speak to Shirley. Can’t believe I feel normal now when flying. The techniques are great and I also use some of them that I was shown in everyday life. Highly highly recommend Serenity and Spirit!


Anonymous, Edinburgh

Since coming to see Shirley, I now feel much more confident talking to people and my fear of spiders has reduced dramatically. I have gone from not being able to be in the same room as a spider to being okay about taking them outside by myself. Thanks Shirley for all your help.


Clare, Edinburgh

I just wanted to let you know that I have my first driving lesson this morning. I am very nervous but I wouldn’t have been able to do it, if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so so much. I’m going to get in the car despite my nerves and try my very best as I know I can do it, it will just take time. Thank you once again xxx


C, West Lothian

After many years of ‘on and off depression’ and a cycle of ‘on and off antidepressants’ I decided to try a new approach and visit Serenity And Spirit. I had researched ‘talking therapy’ and went to see Shirley, keeping an open mind.

To anyone out there who has lived with depression and anxiety, I would highly recommend giving Shirley a visit. She has reset my way of thinking and operating on a daily basis. If I feel a panic coming on, I revert back to what she taught me. Amazing!


Heather, West Lothian

Being a long sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis for 15 years, I have flare ups periodically. Recently I had a bad flare up and have been off work for around 5 weeks. I have known Shirley for some time now, had Reiki, Indian Head Massage, and other things. I hadn’t thought of trying her for my Arthritis. I seen her on Saturday and have made steady daily progress since, to the point where I have not had to use pain relief today and hope to be back to work very soon. Thank you so much Shirley, you work miracles xxx


Vicky, Bathgate

I have a massive phobia of being on buses, absolutely terrified at the idea of it. Shirley done some phobia hypnosis with a group of us during another class and I’d thought I hadn’t had any impact from it and that it hadn’t worked. Today however I had to get on a bus for 35 minutes for the first time in about 6 years. There was no other option but I realised while on it I actually felt OK and thats down to Shirleys hypnosis!! The last time, just back in August I had to get a bus just for 5 minutes, I had a panic attack, I felt like I was going to die and couldn’t breath. Today, I managed quite happily, didn’t even really think about it, something that is complete madness to me, So a massive thank you Shirley!! xx


Deborah, West Lothian

Its been with all your help and putting the practice into other parts of my working life because I CAN do this and oh I’ve also lost 1/2 a stone, 2 inches off my bust and waist, also started doing more exercise – you’re one amazing lady who has got me buzzing……wish I had spoken to you earlier Shirley.


Mary, Edinburgh

My sessions with Shirley have greatly enabled me. Through talking and treatments I have been able to regain my inner strength and belief in myself. Shirley has this fantastic ability to make one feel calm but strong – a very powerful wonderful combination. Non judgemental caring supportive powerful in a gentle way – what more could you want? Indian head massage or Reiki – both fantastic treatments which Shirley delivers in a highly professional manner. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Shirley’s amazing input. Can’t wait for my next appointment. Thank you so much Shirley.


Krissie, Edinburgh

Everyone needs a person like ‘Shirley’ in their life. If you are looking for a mix of personal coaching, relaxation and good old fashioned reality check, then make contact with Shirley @Serenity and Spirit. I’m doing a great injustice to the range of specialities that she deals with, but to name a few – Reiki, Coaching, NLP, phobia and aversion therapy, weight loss, anxiety. . . The list is endless. She is 100% there to make you believe in yourself and reach your potential 🙌💥I’ve been going once a month for about 10 months for Reiki and coaching and will be continuing ad finitum.


Karen, Bathgate

I first went to see Shirley as I had a stressful situation with people at work and was unhappy with my own reactions to the situation. Shirley talked through the issues with me and suggested different techniques that I could use to help me deal with the problem.

I also had IHM and Reiki combination which made me feel so relaxed. The work situation has now passed but I still go to Shirley for Reiki just to enjoy the relaxation and the great nights sleep.

Shirley is a lovely, warm, caring person and I would recommend her to anyone needing help dealing with a stressful situation.


Alex, Markinch (Fear of dogs, especially big dogs to the point where has been unable to visit her Sister at her home as she has a big dog)

OMG Shirley, I met 3 big dogs at close quarters today and even stroked a Rottweiler. I’m so happy and pleased with myself.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed in a good way after visiting my Sister and her dog today. Realised just how much I’ve missed going to her home over the past few months. She told me she felt the same. We both had tears in our eyes. Thank you for your help.


Lynn, Grangemouth

My Husband went to Shirley last week for the never ending pain in his thumb joint from arthritis. He has tried pills and anti inflammatories galore and GP hasn’t been able to help. One session with Shirley and the pain has almost completely gone. We were very sceptical but so glad he went. A week later he’s virtually pain free. Thank you Shirley Sharp.


Natalie, Edinburgh

Having just suffered a bit of a wobble with my mental health, I would like to recommend and say a big thank you to Shirley Sharp from Serenity And Spirit. Sometimes you just need someone to help you get on the right path again.

If you are feeling stressed and struggling to process it, then try a session!


Lesley, Edinburgh

After a couple of recent unpleasant events whilst I was out running, Shirley Sharp of Serenity And Spirit offered me some therapies to help me overcome things. I felt so much better at the end of our 1 hour session. Please look her up and help yourself heal.


Samantha, West Lothian (Pain)

The treatment we tried to lessen my pain levels worked almost instantly. Residual nerve pain seems to have gone away and so I’m not in constant pain throughout my body anymore. I will definitely try further treatment.


Molly, Edinburgh (Confidence For Exams)

I really found the sessions helpful as it helped me during my exams. Shirley gave me techniques to use whenever I felt nervous or anxious. This helped me when I was stressed. It also helped me to resume concentration and stay positive. I would definitely do a session again and would highly recommend.


Katie, West Lothian (Anxiety)

Can’t recommend Shirley highly enough. She gave me lots of ideas on how to help my anxiety which I have put into practise.


Garry, Edinburgh (Fear of Flying)

I’ve never enjoyed flying……..30 odd years of dread, fear and severe anxiety…..met Shirley for an hour or so a week before my holiday to Madeira and……actually enjoyed flights (both ways!)

Will be certain to recommend Shirley and top up before future flights!


Jenny, West Lothian (Fear of Flying)

I went to Shirley with a fear of flying that has always been with me my whole life. I had one session with Shirley a week before flying. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Approaching my holiday I felt calm and for the first time in a long time I was really looking forward to going to the airport! Both flights there and back I was a completely different flyer, couldn’t recommend Shirley enough! Thank you for everything xx


Anonymous, West Lothian  

I had Integral Eye Movement Treatment with Shirley. I noticed a huge change after just one session. Shirley is very friendly and easy to talk to. She also checked how I was after the session to make sure I was good. I can’t wait to go back for an Indian Head Massage.


Joanne, Edinburgh (Fear of Flying)

I met with Shirley with not much hope of anything changing.  I’d never heard of NLP and was relatively sceptical about anything involving changing how I perceived my own mind.  After two or three sessions I began to notice the levels of anxiety about flying reducing.  After years of fear slowly creeping into my sub-conscious I was delighted to be able to do something tangible about reversing the trend.  I’m still working on levelling out the anxiety but would recommend any sceptical, tough minded person to give it a shot – it helped and is still helping me.

Karen, Edinburgh 

Shirley has helped myself and my teenage daughter with our anxiety and self esteem issues. Despite us seeing several professional people Shirley has been the most effective.
She used many different techniques for us both, some of which we had never encountered before and were extremely helpful.
Shirley is a very friendly and approachable person who made us both feel at ease.
I would highly recommend Shirley to anyone who is looking to address any personal issues.
Thank you Shirley xx

David, Edinburgh 

I had 3 sessions with Shirley whereby I received NLP and Integral Eye Movement Treatment. Shirley has this therapy down to a T and has helped me move onwards and forwards and I have already put a friend in touch with her to assist with some issues my friend is experiencing. It is a very warm and relaxed type of therapy with Shirley, she is one of these people who has sufficient expertise and experience to help you with your thoughts.
Going to see Shirley was one of the things I looked forward to
every 2 weeks. Even after the very first session I just felt different
(better ). I would definitely recommend Shirley for whatever it is that
holds you back in your life.

Angus, Edinburgh (Fear of Spiders)

Our seven year old son, Angus had always been afraid of spiders from the earliest age he could talk about it. We didn’t know what started it, but it had developed in to a real phobia so much that if a spider was climbing up our curtains and he was sitting on the other side of the room he’d shriek and run out in to the hall.
We recognised this had to be dealt with and Shirley offered to help.
She came to our home and after an initial introduction we left Angus with Shirley for about 30 minutes. They both emerged from the lounge and Angus was quite happy, throwing a little bean bag in the air that Shirley had given him. She let us all know that it was to be used as a touch point whenever he felt anxious.
Later we asked Angus what had happened and what Shirley had said and, being seven,  he was a bit vague as to the conversation, but kept the bean bag close for some weeks and we often saw him with it.
In the next few weeks, unprompted, he came out with a number of statements like “spiders are more afraid of me than I am of them” and “I am like a giant compared to them” which showed he’d been thinking about it.
A year later, he has almost no problems with spiders. He doesn’t like them, but that’s okay. He doesn’t have an uncontrolled fear of them, which is the important change.
We are very grateful to Shirley in helping our wee boy deal with a potentially life long issue.


Serenity and Spirit has helped me to cope with a problem I’ve had for around 20 years. The tools Shirley has given me have been amazing and my life is slowly but surely getting ‘normal’. Highly recommend Shirley and what she does.

Anonymous – Edinburgh 

Shirley has been very helpful by providing simple yet effective exercises, some that can be performed anywhere, to help re-centre and calm myself down when overthinking or in an anxious state. During our 121 session she was extremely friendly and easy to talk to and did an excellent job at making me feel relaxed and comfortable during my time spent with her. She has kept in touch after the session, continuing to check up on me and offer any additional support. Would highly recommend.

Beth – West Lothian 

I have been to see Shirley a couple of times now. I came away form hers feeling re-powered and much more positive with her treatments. Shirley is very approachable and has the best toolkits to take away. They are amazing and work well. She is very good at what she does and I would recommend give her a try. Can’t wait for my next visit. I love all her treatments.

Karen – Edinburgh 

Thoroughly enjoyed that meditation session Shirley. It was fab and I feel so chilled. I am busier than ever and always on the go, so just stopping and being in the moment is so good.

Caitlin – West Lothian

I couldn’t recommend or thank Shirley enough for everything she has done for me. Not only can Shirley help you overcome fears, anxiety and stress with her amazing techniques and therapies….but also by being the amazing listener, caring and warm hearted person that she is. I cant recommend Serenity And Spirit and thank Shirley enough.

Craig – Edinburgh

Was meaning to get in contact with you…..just had to do a presentation, something I wouldn’t have been able to have done a year ago. It feels like I’m getting my confidence back to where it was and I wanted to thank you again for your help with that.

Anonymous – Edinburgh

Your workshop was brilliant and I took loads from it that I will definitely use. You’ve got a great way of explaining and giving context to when you would use certain methods.

Anonymous – West Lothian

I absolutely loved your workshop and have used a couple of techniques today. However, the biggest message I took away was that I don’t have to be anxious. Yes I have anxiety, but I can do something about it. It seems really simple but that really was a revelation for me. At the age of 42 I learned I don’t have to love like this. Staggering.


Stacey – Edinburgh

 If you’re struggling to find happiness or need help tackling the things standing in your way, please check out Serenity And Spirit. Shirley has helped me tackle issues I thought I’d have for life. Her techniques are so effective and there is absolutely no judgement from her as a practitioner. I cannot recommend this lady highly enough. She has helped me so much with my healing – something I never thought possible.


Joan – IHM/Hand Reflexology/ Colour Therapy – Edinburgh

 I have had a lovely afternoon of bliss and relaxation and am feeling incredibly chilled and balanced. I had my covid jab in the morning followed by some muppet scraping my car so was ready for some self indulgence.What a lovely relaxing experience that has left me with food for thought going forward, just like on previous visits. So glad to have met up with you again Shirley x


Susan – Edinburgh

Just had an Indian Head Massage with Shirley and as usual she overdelivered, sneaking in some Reiki and NLP to give me a full body and mind MOT. I always love going to Shirley, either in person or online. She has such an extensive toolbox of therapies, tips and tricks and is always so generous with her time. Its definitely worth booking in a regular MOT.


Stacey – Edinburgh

OldFat2go was fascinating! As someone who’s battled with my weight all my adult life, OldFat2Go really shows you simple techniques to get your body and mind working in harmony for you and dispels the weight loss myths lots of us have fallen for over the years. Shirley is a fantastic practitioner who truly has her Clients best interests at heart and will cheerlead you the whole time! OldFat2Go has really changed my thinking about my relationship with food and with myself.


Anonymous – Edinburgh

I’m doing a lot better, productive period is continuing. I can actually focus on my work, feel like the fogs lifted, haven’t had any anxiety attacks in ages and I’m getting a lot better at suppressing intrusive thoughts x.


Barrie – Edinburgh

Cannot recommend Shirley more highly. I was sceptical before my first appointment that she could help but even after the first appointment, I felt better. She has a great range of techniques and has opened my mind to alternative therapies. 3 months down the line I am a happier, more self aware and contented person. Thank you Shirley.


Anonymous – West Lothian

I reached out to Shirley a couple of times when I was going through fairly traumatic life events. She used various techniques including eye movement therapy to help ground me and focus on positive thoughts, which, lets face it, none of us do enough. She gave me coping mechanisms and tools to deal with anxiety, to help me relax and look at myself in a kinder light. I continue to use these and they’ve become second nature. I can’t recommend Shirley highly enough. She will put you at ease immediately and guide you through techniques that do work. She continues to support and her facebook page always has an inspirational quote or uplifting message to brighten your day. I trust her completely because what she does works. Thanks Shirley!


Julie – West Lothian

Went to see Shirley yesterday as I suffer from Carpal Tunnel. I cannot believe the difference after just one session in which she did hand reflexology and OldPain2Go. My right hand was worst with lots of pain in my thumb and the rest of my fingers would swell up and tingle constantly. The swelling and tingling has not came back and the pain in my thumb has at least halved. I’m so pleased and will definitely be back. 10 out of 10 stars **********


Deb – Lincolnshire

Morning Shirley, I am really good thanks. My bounce is back. I’m excited about life despite the new government guidelines. I’ve found peace again. I did as you suggested with writing down about my lovely big hall for my classes and how they’re going to be full and put it under my pillow. I’ve now got 3 big halls for all my classes and they are going to be full of people.


Chantelle – West Lothian

I would 100% highly recommend Shirley, She makes you feel so at ease and comfortable and is really easy to talk to. Its amazing how much weight is lifted off your shoulders and how much better you feel even after one session. I will definitely be back. Thank you so much again xxx.



If you’re struggling with negative thoughts which are having an impact on your every day life, contact Shirley ……… she is very knowledgeable, warm, understanding and easy to talk to. After just one session with Shirley, I’m feeling much stronger by using the tools and techniques she has taught me. I will not hesitate to contact her again if I feel the need to xx


Karen – Edinburgh  

Shirley has been an absolute Angel in every area. Having lacked confidence in a few areas of my life, Shirley has helped me through visualisation, positive thinking and breathing techniques, which have helped tremendously, along with my vision board and journal even by communicating via facetime due to covid 19. I have implemented all of the above on a variety of occasions and felt so much better in myself. I can’t wait to have a face to face with Shirley.


Lesley – Edinburgh  

Having seen Shirley in the past, I was confident that she could help me again. My anxiety was sky high after an unpleasant incident at work 3 weeks ago. It left me with a fear of being unsafe at work and I was having nightmares. Shirley’s approach is to let you talk, she listens and then she begins treatment. Go with whatever she suggest – it will work. The best part of the session was being given practical tips on coping when anxiety comes calling. Within 24 hours my fear of being at work was tested……and of course, I was no longer afraid. I felt euphoric! I cannot recommend Shirley highly enough.


Margaret – Edinburgh  

Feeling very light is how I would describe how I feel……like the world has lifted off my shoulders. Totally different to how I felt 3 months ago, you are amazing at what you do. Even just chatting to you makes me feel better, you are a lovely caring person. Thank you for everything.


Davina – Glenrothes  

Shirley is an exceptionally lovely and caring Therapist. She is gentle and makes you feel at ease instantly. She really listens to what you are going through and then treats you with the appropriate therapy. If you are looking for guidance or wanting to conquer fears or phobias…..You Will not be disappointed.

I’ve had amazing Reiki form Shirley and I left feeling so much better in my mind, body and soul. Please get in touch….you will never leave feeling less well than you did when you arrived.


Hi Shirley, was good to see you and wish I had done it sooner. Feeling really positive, had a great nights sleep too. Thank you so much for the info in your texts. You have definitely give me the kick start I needed and I can’t thank you enough. The work you do is life changing Shirley and I feel very lucky to have seen you. You made me feel so comfortable and I could have spoken to you for hours.


Feeling on a better more informed path. Thanks also for helping me get to half a stone weight loss. Two squares of chocolate a couple of days ago but that’s all. xx


So that’s 6 flights in now after my consultation totalling around 30 hours flight time, no panic, no fear of take off, landing or thinking what may happen next. Fear disappeared after many years of constant fear. I can now enjoy my holiday from booking to getting back home, massive thank you. Positive thinking and attitude winning combo.

Anna – Boness

I visit Shirley regularly for Indian Head Massage and Reiki, and its a blissful combination for feeling totally relaxed and re-energised. Shirley is a lovely positive person who can work with clients on a wide range of challenges and goals. She makes a significant contribution to my self-care. Thank you Shirley!

Sammy – KCR – West Lothian

Just had the most wonderful treatment with Shirley. KCR has left my body feeling the way it should, relaxed and comfortable. I’ll definitely be back x

Julie – KCR – East Lothian

Had a great KCR session with Shirley today. Wasn’t sure what to expect but Shirley puts you at ease and explains exactly what she is doing. Feel really good after the session. Highly recommended!

Karen, Falkirk – Resilience Workshops

I’ve done this and it’s definitely worth it. Helped me more than I thought possible and I watched the group literally transform before my eyes.

Stuart, West Lothian – KCR

Following my 2nd hip replacement I undertook a series of KCR sessions with Shirley. The assisted stretching therapy greatly reduced the impact of many years of muscular compensation as a result of arthritis. Highly recommend a course of KCR to anyone in a similar situation.

Shirley, Edinburgh – KCR

Just had my usual work out and my left shoulder/arm not sore and more mobility and left thigh not tight……thank you xxx

Denise, Edinburgh

Highly recommend Shirley. After one visit, my teenage son who suffered travel sickness from age 5 whilst flying, managed his first flight to Toronto (7 hrs) with no sickness. This has had a huge impact on the whole family as means holidays are a lot less stressful. Amazing woman!

Heather, West Lothian

I would highly recommend this service. I have had excellent experience using this service and I have always been treated in an individual manner with dignity and respect. Always leave feeling calmer and relaxed. x

Anonymous, Kirkcaldy

I do feel, ever since I was involved with yourself, there’s been a massive improvement in my attitude towards myself and eating. So I have much to thank you for xxxx

Megan, Kirkcaldy

Shirley is extraordinary and I swear by her work. She has really helped me learn to understand and cope better with anxiety, social situations and confrontation – as well as many other talents she has xxx

Karen, Bathgate 

Just thought I would let you know that since your course in April, I now hardly eat much chocolate – its not that I’m trying to not eat it, its just that I’ve not been craving it anymore. Cant believe the difference its made so thank you! xx

Bryan, Dundee   

Finding out and being diagnosed with both a rare blood cancer and M.S. after a life time of physical fitness, my life changed dramatically. Hospital stays and even just attending appointments began to take its toll. I felt on a downward spiral. Trying to pick myself up, I kept hitting a wall, even with steady progress, some mental barrier would still appear from nowhere.

Meeting Shirley at Serenity and Spirit, gave me an opportunity to look deeper in to what was actually pulling me back. Starting with NLP it offered me a chance to explore what was really happening. IEMT then helped to resolve these further.

It was a chance encounter when I first met Shirley, right place right time. I would highly recommend making it a chosen one for your future. My only regret not doing this earlier. Thank you Shirley.

Val, West Lothian   

I would highly recommend Shirley. She was a huge help to my son who suffers from mental health issues, in particular anxiety. She was so kind and understanding and built his trust very quickly. She got to know him so she could use the right therapy for him. He used the tools she gave him to push through his anxiety which has helped him move forward.

Julie, West Lothian   

Absolutely brilliant first session with Shirley. She is amazing at what she does and makes you feel so at ease. Cannot wait to work with her in the future. Would highly recommend xxx

Kate, West Lothian   

I had my first visit with Shirley recently, I was so overwhelmed with her help, to which I can now go and do things myself. Learned so much. She was just wonderful. I’ve never felt so comfortable pouring my heart out to anyone before. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Thank you Shirley for your assistance and your professional guide. xxxx

Lenise, Gibraltar   

You know, I have a lot to thank you for Shirley. I’m here cause of you really. That day we spoke you helped me loads. I wasn’t in the best of places and you were heaven sent. I am ever so grateful and I cannot thank you enough. I do still think of you and have a heart warm felt smile when I see your posts on Linked In.

You have a wonderful gift Shirley. Thank you for being you and spending your time wanting to help people. You’ve made a huge difference in my life. After speaking with you, I knew what I wanted. Even though its taken time for me to be here, which is only at the beginning of my journey, the encouragement, hope and belief in hanging onto my dreams, came from you. I know I still need work with my thoughts sometimes, but I know I’ll get there somehow. I promise you, the moment I reach it, I hope you can be there with me too.

Irene, Inverness

I was kindly booked in with Shirley by a good friend of mine, as I have suffered a recent bereavement and she thought I would benefit from seeing her. It was the first time I had met Shirley, but I was made to feel very welcome and she immediately put me at ease. Through talking to her it became apparent that the best therapy for me at this time was the rapid eye movement therapy she does for Post Traumatic Stress. She explained the treatment and said that it wouldn’t take away the images for me as it was part of my history now, but it would soften the images and make them easier to deal with. This treatment has definitely helped me. Previously, when I thought about the morning it happened, it was a 10 on a scale of 1-10 in terms of difficulty, but after the treatment I would have said it was a 5 or 6. Amazing. I felt the whole session with Shirley was very beneficial in terms of helping me, in addition she gave me the tools to put into practice for helping me help myself and not only that, she follows you up afterwards to see how you are getting on! I would definitely recommend Shirley to anyone.

Denise, Edinburgh

I was sceptical when I got in touch to ask if Shirley thought she could help my teenage son who suffers really bad travel sickness for the last 8 years. This happens on any flight we take over 4 hours long. He won’t eat or drink and is physically sick many times. I have tried everything the Doctors have prescribed and nothing has worked. We had a 2 hour visit and I was surprised how much my son opened up to Shirley, she made him feel really at ease and talked to him about the triggers that made him feel the way he did and she tried various methods/tools with him to help him deal with it.

We went back for one follow up session 3 days before our holiday, just to remind my son of what he can do and in Shirley’s words ‘you’ve got this’.

We went to Canada (7 hour flight) then to New York (2 hours) 3 weeks ago and I am delighted to say that my son did brilliantly. He actually had some juice and sweets and played his phone during the flight and didn’t once say that he felt sick.

I am totally gob smacked. This is absolutely amazing that Shirley has managed to get him through this and for the first time in over 8 years we arrived on holiday feeling non stressed and happy. I cannot thank you enough Shirley, this is life changing for my boy all thanks to you.


Lisa, Kinross

I went to see Shirley to try and get over my fear of flying. I had suffered for a long time though tried to get on with it; I dreaded every flight and the lead up to my holiday’s were filled with fear and anxiety. I always struggled on the flight outbound but the flights home would be a nightmare with my anxiety so extreme with me often sitting crying for the full flight home. Due to this I started to avoid holidays or the possibility of going away, and this was starting to have a negative effect on my life. I hated that this fear controlled me and was desperate to go and visit my brother in Australia, though given my fear I would not even consider this trip.
Another factor for me was that I have a four year old daughter and did not want her to ‘inherit’ my fear.
So ahead of my impending holiday to Spain in July 2018 I went to see Shirley a week before my dreaded flight. I had a 2 hr session with Shirley and afterwards was confident about my flight and looking forward to boarding the plane. The week leading up to my flight I felt calm and confident and I could start to look forward to my holiday. The night before the flight I slept, the day before the flight I was able to eat without the anxiety of flying taking over me, all very new to me. The flight’s its self was such a different experience I felt calm and in control. While the outward flight was a massive improvement to my normal flying experience I was still not 100% relaxed and it was an uncomfortable journey. Shirley stayed in contact during my holiday to check how things had gone and remind me of the strategies that she had given me for my return flight.
The return flight was fantastic, the best flight I have ever had, I was calm and in control. I can’t thank Shirley enough for her help with my fear of flying and we are currently looking into booking Australia for next year. I would encourage anyone with a similar fear to go and visit Shirley she is fantastic, extremely professional and her after care and keeping in touch to make sure I was managing was greatly appreciated.

Vicki, Cupar

Shirley was recommend to me by a friend – after explaining what was going on with my little boy’s sleeping issue – “I know just the person,” was what they said.
For month’s my little boy, age 7, was struggling getting to sleep – once asleep he was fine – but actually getting to sleep was becoming more and more of an issue – he had a fear of someone coming to take him away in the night – away from mum and dad – and he was petrified to go to sleep.
This went on for months – and we tried everything ourselves – but nothing worked – at this point it was taking more than 2 hours to go to sleep from him going to bed. We were stuck. And when my friend mentioned Shirley’s expertise – we contacted her immediately.
Within two sessions – just two – he was falling asleep – by himself, going to bed happy, contented, using the tools and techniques – most of which he was in control and doing himself. Shirley literally is magic – I have no idea how she does it but I so wish we had known about Shirley sooner. Bedtime is no longer a drama – it’s a joy and it’s easy – and happy!

Lorraine, Dunfermline

Shirley is a brilliant therapist and is able to offer a wide variety of techniques to suit your own needs. I went to see Shirley to help me lose weight. We spent a number of hours together and I had hypnotherapy, NLP and eye movement therapy. Shirley also gave me numerous hints and tips to take away with me.

She has helped me look at life differently – nothing is an overnight success and of course you do have to help yourself. I joined a choir, got a personal trainer, signed up to do the kiltwalk (and I have now started to lose weight). Thank you for your help! Only one session needed so far..

Julie, Burntisland

I can’t recommend Shirley highly enough. I will be forever grateful for all the help and support she has given me. She has helped me get my life back on track, given me hope and a positive view on life again. She’s a lovely woman with a beautiful soul. She instantly makes you feel at ease. She had so much patience with me and even after the sessions she messages and checks in to see how you are getting on which I loved as it makes you feel like you’re not alone. She’s so supportive and is there for you all the way. I would definitely give her 5+ stars. xxx

Anonymous, Fauldhouse (Anxiety)

I felt extremely anxious, stressed and didn’t feel that I was in control of my own emotions anymore. To try and explain how I was feeling, it’s as though my thoughts were marbles that had been scattered across a floor, all over the place, and I didn’t know where to start with them. In social instances, a simple comment from another individual would cause my mind to spiral and over-analyse to an extreme degree. Sadly, this resulted in me trying to avoid going out as much in an attempt to prevent this from happening. These feelings are what prompted me to seek some help and advice, so I decided I was going to make an appointment with Shirley.

After my first session with her, I somehow felt lighter. She made me see things from a totally different and far more reasonable perspective and I instantly felt a sense of clarity again. She was very patient with me and I could tell that she was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I actually started going out more and realised that I was in control of my own life, no one else but me.

It has been a few months and I am now feeling much better and more confident. Shirley still keeps in touch with me to ask how I am and I am happy to be reporting positive aspects of my life back to her. I know if there is another time where my negativity gets the better of me again, that I can always go back to see her. For now though, things can only continue to get better.

Anonymous, West Lothian (Anxiety)

I had been feeling very stressed and with high anxiety and heard about Shirley from a friend. I was a bit cynical about therapy treatment but decided I was ready to give something a go to get back on top. Met with Shirley once, for about 3 hours and I’m sure I could have sat on as she was in no way rushing me to leave. Ended up having a bit of a breakdown and sharing all of my worries, some of which I hadn’t realised were getting me down. Left after a counselling session feeling like a weight had been lifted, equipped with supportive techniques to dull my anxiety and lack of confidence.

Really feel like she helped me to take control of my life again. That was a few weeks ago and Shirley still checks in on me and I’m still using the techniques she gave me. Looking forward to next visit to build on techniques. Highly recommend a visit to Shirley for anyone feeling stressed or low. She really helped me.

Nick, West Lothian (Insomnia)

I started working with Shirley trying to resolve a long standing problem I had with getting a good night sleep. Shirley explained that there were several ways in which she could help and that it was just a process of finding the techniques that would help me as an individual. Over a period of time Shirley has helped me understand why I struggle to get a good night’s sleep and has guided me through the different techniques available to help and the ones that are best suited to me as an individual. I have found the help Shirley has given me to be priceless and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for some help.

Anonymous, West Lothian

I started seeing Shirley to help with some anxiety and confidence
issues linked to a bad relationship in the past.  After a couple of IEMT sessions I felt the weight of that relationship disappear.  With
Shirley’s help I am seeing myself in a much more positive light and my confidence has increased. She is so easy to talk to and really helped me to put things into perspective.

I also had a reiki treatment which left me feeling so relaxed even for days afterwards.  I would thoroughly recommend Shirley.

Kirsty, West Lothian

Met a really lovely person last night through the recommendation from a friend who has helped me overcome my fear of heights. Shirley Sharp thank you so much. I had a great sleep last night. Can definitely recommend to anyone that needs help in doing anything, will defo be back to see you xx

Follow up from Kirsty few months later – Hey Shirley, how’s you….I’m great. I’ve been crossing bridges with no fear whatsoever. I’m going on the big wheel at Christmas with the kids…it’s great being able to do things, thank you.


Katy, West Lothian

After one session with Shirley I felt so much more positive and able to cope with my ongoing anxiety issues. My family noticed the change in me after the session and commented on how relaxed I seemed. It was great to be able to take away coping strategies and have things to work on after the session as well as learning so much during it. Would highly recommend Shirley.

Gill, Edinburgh (Fear of Spiders)

Ever since I can remember I have had a spider phobia.  This was getting worse and worse to the point that I felt it was becoming a problem. I really wasn’t sure that anyone could help me with this but amazingly Shirley did.  The best thing is how easy, quick and painless it all was. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love spiders but the paralysing fear they caused me is no longer there and when I find one in the house I can just leave it alone!  I am writing these words and still can’t believe it myself.  Honestly if you have a fear that you need to conquer, get in touch with Shirley, she is amazing.

Laura,  (Sleep Issues)

Shirley has been a huge help in me dramatically improving a sleep issue I’ve had for over 20 years. It was causing me lots of anxiety, but with her gentle manner I realise that I was more in control of helping myself that I’d given credit to. A very talented and genuine lady.

Gillian, Edinburgh (Fear of Flying)

I was recommended Shirley by a friend who had used NLP with Shirley to help combat a fear of flying.  My friend & I had been due to fly together on the evening of a storm and whilst I couldn’t even get to the airport due to anxiety, my friend was able to fly, with what she reported as very low anxiety levels.  That was good enough recommendation for me!

I’ve experienced anxiety around flying to varying degrees over the years, worst case not being able to board or get to the airport. I don’t like the thought that I am constrained by an unrealistic fear, and worse still this fear was uncontrollable, I couldn’t use logic and reason to allay my fears. I just had a terrible feeling of doom associated with flying, before and during the flight.

I saw Shirley a couple of times in the run up to a holiday I’d booked months before. I felt positive & calm after the sessions and these feelings stayed with me. On the run up to my holiday flight I felt excited about my holiday (just as it should be) and I just didn’t get the old feelings.  If I felt my thoughts showed any possibly of straying back into their old patterns, or if there was turbulence, I was able to use techniques Shirley showed to help.

I’ve flown 5 times since seeing Shirley and I’ve been struck how my feelings and my reactions about flying have changed, and continue to change for the better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shirley, she is understanding, professional and passionate about being to help unlock people’s fears & potential.

Katie, West Lothian (Fear of Mice)

Shirley helped me massively with my fear of mice.  She offered a number of techniques and gave me the confidence to use them myself at home.  Her passion for helping people was clear from the outset and I felt very comfortable sharing with her my silly thoughts around my fear.  I would recommend her to anyone and certainly would go to her again in the future.

Nicola, Edinburgh (Fear of Open Water)

You’d be so proud of me Shirley. I’ve snorkelled in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Thank you so much for your help, best experience of my life and no way I’d have got in that water without you! Saw a world I’d never have seen otherwise! I’m so happy.

Clare, Edinburgh

Shirley has helped me work through two areas of my life that I needed help with.

The first area Shirley helped me with was overcoming my nervousness of presenting.

Shirley is friendly, open, passionate, and creates such a safe environment – I will never forget that feeling along with the techniques she taught me too!
I still get a wee bit of butterflies but the techniques she taught me help me combat these to present engaging and confident presentations.

Once I saw the powerful effect of the techniques she taught me I felt confident to go back with a more personal issue – which I was nervous about – but again the safe and passionate environment she created for me helped me explore the issues I was facing and how I could deal with these going forward.
As said I will never forget that safe environment feeling, my anchors and jumping on to pieces of paper on the floor!!!

Mandy, Edinburgh

Shirley champions the benefits of NLP across our community and was convincing when she suggested it may help me tackle challenges from an entirely different perspective. After a two hour workshop, with exercises led by Shirley I walked away with an entirely different perspective on why and how I can tackle issues from a different angle. It was mind-opening and wholly refreshing to walk away with insight into an approach that allows you to see these problems from a number of different perspectives. I now have a new tool in the toolbox and can definitely see the value in adopting this approach.

Nicola, Edinburgh, Psoriasis

Shirley has been working with me to help clear psoriasis which covers a large part of my body.  The condition is very visible and makes me feel extremely self-conscious.  By using eye movement therapy over a number of weeks I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin, the psoriasis is clearing up and is definitely reducing in colour and severity.  I’m so pleased!

We also used this type of therapy to help alleviate my fear of boats and open water as I’ve booked a holiday which involves travelling by boat later this year.   After only a few sessions I can confidently say that I feel calm when I think of getting on the boat and my fears are subsiding, I’m actually looking forward to it now after months of worry!

Shirley, Edinburgh

Working with Shirley has helped me release fears that were holding me back; some I didn’t even know were there. The ease at which she approaches you with warmth and understanding instils a sense of confidence making the whole process comfortable…..tears, laughter and anger every emotion brought to the surface. I’m looking at myself differently now and see someone who is worthy and can do anything, it’s all possible. I highly recommend working with her. Thank you Shirley X

Jenny, Edinburgh

Shirley used NLP to help me work through personal relationship issues that I was having. During the time we worked together I gained great insight into how I would normally deal with different situations, then Shirley would take me through how to look at them from a different perspective. These sessions have been immensely helpful and have reduced my stress to levels I did not know existed.

Since the NLP sessions I am now able to look at many different aspects of my life and I have a very positive outlook on issues that before would have overwhelmed me. Shirley has the most positive attitude and is someone that you can confide in without concern for your privacy. Shirley is also very easy to talk to and is non-judgemental of your circumstances.

If you are looking for someone to give you help and support, and a more positive outlook on life, Shirley would definitely be the person to talk to.

Ray, West Lothian

Just wanted to say thank you for all the support you’ve given me. You’ve got me to a place in my life that I never thought I’d get to.

Anonymous, Edinburgh

Shirley helped me deal with a relationship issue using NLP techniques. It got me thinking, not just how I was feeling about it, but also what the other person might be thinking too. It really helped me to take a step back and consider their perspective and I approached things differently, with them, after that.



Cathie, Edinburgh

Having had a Reiki and Indian Head Massage combo from Shirley Sharp, I thoroughly recommend and positively encourage everyone to book in for this. So relaxing and restorative and I slept so well that night. On top of this, Shirley just gets it, she tunes in to what is going on and offers sound ideas to support positive changes. Shirley is a little bit of magic – go for a session with her xx

Denise, Edinburgh

Highly recommend. I felt fantastic after this and has definitely helped me relax and sleep better.

Debbie, South Queensferry

I had the best experience of IHM and Reiki with Shirley. I felt so uplifted afterwards. I love that I can talk to her anytime about things that worry me and she is always there. Will definitely be back and will recommend her to everyone.

Roma, Edinburgh

I would say following 2 visits to Shirley Sharp that it has completely changed my lifestyle. For us ladies of a certain age 😜 I now sleep and do not flush (odd one maybe) I was completely cynical at first but would absolutely advocate for her and the treatments!!!! Shirley has managed to change my sleep pattern and massively reduce my hot flushes with just a couple of sessions!! I would definitely recommend her.

Vicky, West Lothian

Yesterday I had my first Indian Head Massage and Reiki which I loved and felt great after it. First night for a long time I have slept for 6 hours without waking up. Thanks to Shirley Sharp I actually felt fine to get up at 5:30am but made myself get back to sleep. Would definitely recommend this to others. Will defo book in again,

Katie, West Lothian

I had a reiki session before I got married and it certainly served its purpose.  I found this time very relaxing allowing me to enter into a deep meditation state which was incredible considering how wound up and frantic I was beforehand.  I left the session feeling like I had had an eight hour sleep.  Bliss.

Izzy, Fife

Have received a number of treatments from Shirley, being a total cynic decided to challenge myself with Reiki. Was blown away by how calm and relaxing it was and the feeling stayed with me for a few days afterwards, loved it. Have also had Indian Head Massage (now my absolute fave) Eye Movement therapy and hypnosis. Shirley knows exactly what to say and do to make you feel at ease and get results, would highly recommend 🙂

Joan, West Lothian

My recent reiki session was really so beneficial. The benefits lasted much longer than any of my previous experiences of reiki elsewhere. Shirley has wonderful energy, is a very caring, talented practitioner who is able to use a range of skill to help and support people. I wholly recommend her to anyone. I’ve booked my next session.

Jen, Stirling

I’ve been lucky enough to have had 2 Indian head massage sessions, one reiki session and also try integral eye movement therapy, all have been fantastic! Shirley is amazing! She is kind, caring and has a wonderful energy about her. Can’t wait for my next treatment! 🙂 xxx


Gail, Edinburgh

I wanted to post a recommendation for Serenity and Spirit. I had a fantastic Reiki session with Shirley today. I’m feeling very relaxed. She also makes a mean cup of tea! I would thoroughly recommend.

Elaine, South Queensferry

Wow, what an experience. Shirley is fantastic, takes time to understand your challenges, even if they are just day to day. I always leave feeling fantastic. Shirley has definitely been added as part of my ‘looking after me routine’.

Kathleen, Edinburgh

Have had a few sessions of Reiki now, with Shirley. Each time has been very relaxing. Shirley is kind, friendly and down to earth. Would recommend for sure.

Yvonne, Uphall, West Lothian

Shirley thank you so much for today. I feel very relaxed and the tension has eased from my body.

Followed up few days later to say ‘the treatment has had a lasting effect’.

Jane, Kirkliston

I went to Shirley because I hadn’t been sleeping due to emotional problems. I had Indian Head Massage followed by a Reiki session. It was wonderful and I have been sleeping so much better since. I’ll be back Shirley because your kind words and understanding definitely have helped me.

Caroline, West Lothian

I have had both Reiki and Indian Head Massage twice and am going back for more!

Everyone deserves to have this…….take time for you and be amazed.

Stephanie, South Queensferry

I was recommended to Shirley by a family friend. I had never had Reiki before and I found it an amazing experience, I came away from it feeling I had gained more benefits than I anticipated, both spiritually and physically. I have been back again and plan to keep on going as Shirley is an extremely talented woman and I recommend everyone to pay her a visit.

Janet, East Lothian

I loved my treatment with Shirley. I felt really relaxed and peaceful afterwards and continued to feel like that into my day. Shirley has a lovely calming and positive vibe. I’d highly recommend Shirley. Thanks so much, Janet xx

Mandi, West Lothian

Shirley is amazing, very special lady, very knowledgeable. Come out very relaxed and refreshed.

Alex, West Lothian

I first visited Shirley in October 2015, having long suffered from intense nerve pain from spinal damage. I had exhausted all clinical options for pain relief; I had not explored the use of alternative therapies previously and was at the point of wanting to give anything a go. Reiki provided an ideal solution as it relaxed my body and mind, the impact being an ease of tension around the affected area. This level of relaxation provided me with a sense of wellbeing and pain relief that enabled me a period of relative normality. As my condition is degenerative, I understand that reiki will not cure my condition. However, regular treatment enables me to better cope both physically and spiritually. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering with chronic pain.

Krissie, Edinburgh

I met Shirley through a friend and had no idea about Reiki……What an amazing, uplifting experience! Completely recommend this to anyone who wants to restore balance and energy and sleep.

Rachael, West Lothian

Best decision I ever made coming to see Shirley about my sciatica. I’d been to two different specialists and was a the end of my tether, nothing worked, but one visit to Shirley and I haven’t felt any pain since!

Lynne, West Lothian

I suffer from a debilitating condition called Lymphedema in my lower limbs for which there is no cure and the pain and discomfort is a constant. I have found, however, that Shirley’s healing hands giving me Reiki totally relaxes me and takes me away to another place. I feel a definite relaxation and calmness and although the pain in my legs never totally disappears it reduces significantly after this treatment. Always a great night’s sleep afterwards too.

Carol, Edinburgh

Shirley creates a real safe sanctuary of peace and  relaxation. I had been experiencing severe and sometimes excruciating back pain with a pinched sciatic nerve. During the session I experienced complete relaxation, the lovely feeling of weightlessness as well as no pain, which was a joy.  Afterwards I felt energised with better and stronger posture . I have no doubt my session with Shirley aided my recovery.

Indian Head Massage

Charis, West Lothian

Shirley is an amazing therapist. I experienced my first ever Indian Head Massage with Shirley and it was so relaxing. I often find it difficult to relax and switch my mind off but was able to do so with ease in Shirley’s company. As well as my massage Shirley gave me lots of useful advice for dealing with high anxiety levels and has taught me some valuable skills to use everyday. Would highly recommend and will definitely be back for some more  treatments.

Louise, West Lothian

First time getting Indian Head Massage and I loved it. Totally different to other massages but felt benefits of it straight away. Had a nice chilled and relaxed night after which resulted in a great sleep. A proper treat and I’ve booked in for another one 🙂

Anne-Marie, Edinburgh

Just had the most amazing Indian Had Massage and Reiki treatment from the very lovely Shirley Sharp, thank you so much, I feel so much better already. x

Gill, Edinburgh

Indian Head Message wasn’t really something I  had ever thought was missing from my life – then I had one!  Image the mini head message you get at the hairdressers and then increase that by 10. Shirley is great at this. Really relaxing and just general makes you feel good.  I do suffer from migraines and I can’t say if this is coincidence or not but I have experienced a reduction in these since I started getting IHM.

Pamela, West Lothian

Thanks for today Shirley, loved the Indian head massage followed by reiki, very relaxing & will definitely recommend to all my friends & will definitely be back xxx


Sammy, West Lothian

I’ve had a couple of Indian Head Massages from Shirley and I have to admit I fell asleep both times. I was so relaxed. Pressure in my head relieved and I went on to sleep well after the treatment too. Neck and back pain eased. x

Katy, West Lothian

I had an Indian Head Massage from Shirley yesterday and would highly recommend. It was so relaxing and the pressure was just right and not uncomfortable as some massages can be. I felt so good afterwards and slept really well last night. Thank you again Shirley. Katy x

Mattie, West Lothian

Was given an Indian Head Massage today from Shirley….so relaxing and re-energising. Would recommend this to everyone. Might make it a regular wee treat for myself x

Margaret, Kirkcaldy

Thank you Shirley for the wonderful and very uplifting Indian Head Massage and Reiki. Felt so much lighter and able to approach the world with a smile again. PS Slept all night x

Katie, West Lothian

Fabulous Indian Head Massage by Shirley. So relaxing can’t recommend her enough 🙂

Arlene, West Lothian

Had my first treatment by Shirley today. She was very friendly and welcoming. Massage was lovely and relaxing. Will definitely be back.

Ashley, West Lothian

I really enjoyed the Indian Head Massage followed by Reiki. It was my first experience of both and I found it so relaxing and enjoyable. I would recommend to all.

Isla, Edinburgh

I had an Indian head massage and found it wonderfully relaxing and especially helpful for the muscle tightness that I had in my neck and shoulders.  Shirley is a fantastic therapist, very calm, confident and helpful.  I would definitely recommend.

Trisha, Edinburgh

I felt ‘a little bit’ stressed before I saw Shirley the other evening. I had just started a new job and had loads to learn. I had a niggling pain in my neck down into my shoulder. I had a reiki taster session and an indian head massage. Afterwards I felt good, very relaxed….but then I had such a brilliant nights sleep that I woke up totally energised and was out for a run by 0815 the next morning! I would totally recommend Shirley, I will definitely be back soon x